by Ernston

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David If this record were an animal I'd pet it. Favorite track: Running With The Bulls(hit).
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Recorded October 2015 at 7th and Bleecker Studios with Mike Frank.

All music written/Performed by Ernston. All rights reserved.


released December 31, 2015

Guitar- Errol Beutell*
Bass- Jared Frank
Drums- Edward Hemstreet
Vocals- Jimmy Fasulo

*Except track 1- Guitar- Errol Beutell and Jimmy Fasulo

Group vocals on Track 3- Ernston and Ben Werb

Jimmy would like to thank- his family who are probably the coolest cats around, the afterparty squad, the ghost of Sam Cooke, and Sarah Perney

Jared would like to thank- Father Dank, Bass God, Amandork and Niko Papanyi for their dedication, and Huskies around the world

Edward would like to thank- Baby Carrots for fueling these recording sessions, his dog Liberty, Deanna Palevo, whoever coined the term "it's lit", and Bomber and Buster the cats.

Errol would like to thank- his bandmates for the months of gigging, writing, and bonding leading up to this EP. The fans, friends, and supporters of Ernston who make the whole experience possible. and Finally, Errol, who's creativity and hard work were essential to the project.

Ernston would like to thank: Mike Frank, Chris Balberchak, Robbie McCall, Amanda Granieri, Sarah Perney, Deanna Palevo, Nick Panayi, Ben Werb, Morgan Liscio, Van Beutell, Chloe Boyce, Emoly Intoxicating/Emily Koester, David Ramos, The Afraid Brigade, Roxy & Duke's Roadhouse, People of The Holly, Milkmen, and anyone else we missed that we've shared a stage with, bought a shirt, or came out to a show



all rights reserved


Ernston Sayreville, New Jersey

Fresh Beat Club

Lane-Switching Rock and Roll

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Track Name: A Little Scare
If I turn the key the door will open, do I want to see the other side?
This plank of wood is all it takes to give my demons a place to hide
In bottles used to work for them but I guess it was too small
I’m sorry that they got so cramped just wish they weren’t there at all

Chr. Bottle cliché’s are over done but it’s the shoe that fits me best
I’ve tried to untie it, I’m afraid its knot withstood the test,
So now I’m biting and I’m pulling with the fray stuck in my teeth
But I’ve been at it too long, I can feel my gums getting weak
Another failure, another man down, another bottle thrown at the wall, and every time he makes it over the hurdle, he plants his foot right on a landmine
I am a failure, I am a man down, I am a crushed can thrown like them all,
And every time I make it over the hurdle I plant my foot right on a landmine
It’s blowing up
Right in my face

Need my own rock of Gibraltar to help me evaporate
Only nineteen years old, still I feel like I’ve got numbered days
My dad told me that he thinks I’m having problems again and it’s funny
Cuz I don’t think they ever left
Track Name: Running With The Bulls(hit)
Life’s a combination of metaphor and simile
And mine’s a lost boy, a lot like Dally
Vices exceeding my aspirations
I don’t think I’m capable of coping with these situations

Chr. But when we find a way out, you know we can’t stop
We’re in Pamplona we ain’t slowin down
Welcome to the real world kid
Hope you can handle all this shit, because I can’t

My head and my heart are cardboard cut outs
Filling up space where you used to dance
And all the rest of me is municipal waste
It’s all waste

And when I find out who stole you from me, nobody knows what can happen
All I can say is they won’t be walking the same
Not the same
Track Name: Surf's Up
I’m not leaving a note, because I doubt you’ll even read it
I’m all out of alcohol, baby and the reasons to stay here fall away

Chr. Passing with the tides
I’m cashing in my chips tonight
No reason to say goodbye
I’ll see you soon on the other side
When the time is right
But right now this moment’s mine

What will it be?
What can it be?
I’m running out of things to say to make you want to stay with me
Usually I’m better at this kind of thing
But it’s not cold here anymore I guess you don’t need my heat

I don’t have the strength to get through this little hiccup here
I hope I get my shit together by this time next year

I’m not leaving a note, because I don’t see the point in wasting
Good wordplay and anecdotes on a girl like you